Hi I'm Kassy;
born&raised in California; 20;
I like koalas and bubble tea.

WARNING: I reblog various things, mostly Kpop ouo
my biases should not be mentioned for they are dangerous to my health
coughs, i stan bts, bap, exo, got7.
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[OFFICIAL] 140920 Red Velvet with TaeTiSeo @ MBC ‘Show! Music Core’


most people got their panties in a bundle bc Yongguk is gonna be in Jieun’s solo instead of flipping shit because it’s going to talk about taboo topics in korea like homosexual couples, interracial ones and the prejudices that come with it like for once get ur hand out of your panties over oppa and praise Lord Song Jieun for setting shit straight

or gay

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2013 - 2014 

1. No More Dream

2.  진격의 방탄 ( Rise of Bangtan )

3. 등골브레이커 ( Spine breaker )

4. War of Hormone

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