Hi I'm Kassy;
born&raised in California; 20;
I like koalas and bubble tea.

WARNING: I reblog various things, mostly Kpop ouo
my biases should not be mentioned for they are dangerous to my health
coughs, i stan bts, bap, exo, got7.
A Little More Me
Yesterday was the best :)

Mark is the only normal one.

I have to say that I love how Jackson looks at Guk Joo like she is the most beautiful woman in the world.


After watching the last episode of Roommate I have changed my opinion of him 100%.


Jackson said it best…


Reason why I have such high standards.

I might just hate madtown already because of that got7 statement.


That rumor of exo coming back Oct. 25 betta be false. Our fandom is still recovering, the guys are freaking exhausted and YOU sm have a lot of your own shit to fix.

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